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Top Lawyer Sidney Powell “I will Release The Kraken”

Some People are tying to figure out what she means. This is what she means. It was a Direct & significant threat to the Domestic enemies of America, the DNC, the Democrats, & the Traitors of the Deepstate trying to overthrow the government. Boy is it ever a threat. A FULL Reckoning of their lives.

Kraken: The biggest, baddest botnet yet

CyberSecurity companies said it’s “not so good news.”

Kraken BotArmy — Twice as Big as Storm; Evades over 80% of Installed Antivirus Software

Over 400,000 distinct victims observed daily.

Kraken has gone undetected on 80% of computers with antivirus software installed.

Imagine all the corrupt officials that can catch. Imagine if this was sent to infiltrate networks. Imagine if this was used on the American elections machines to detect fraud pre-emptively by the Trump administration. Was it? It’ might just have been.

Kraken is even powerful enough to knock entire countries off the Internet. What just happened? Several times pre-election & post election? That’s right, Twitter went down, Youtube went down, & no one really knew why. Could it be that this was used to gather corruption information on Big Corrupt TyrantTech? On Those against the Whitehouse? Wow. It’s likely, it’s very likely.

Servers controlling the botnet automatically change the software code at pre-determined times to avoid detection by antivirus applications. On top of that, all botnet management traffic is encrypted and uses peer-to-peer control techniques, which make monitoring and disabling the botnet very difficult.

The preferred attack venue is to have the malware appear as an image file. When a user attempts to view the file, it’s all over.

What’s different about Kraken?

Instead of using peer-to-peer techniques to control the botnet, Kraken uses command and control (C&C) servers that are located in different parts of the world. Each infected computer has a list of the C&C servers. If the current C&C server is disabled, the zombies check in with the next server on the list. Using this approach eliminates the problem of having a portion of the botnet go down if one of the peers is taken off-line.

Literally THOUSANDS of Fortune 500 Level companies around the world have compromised computers.

Security researchers stated: “Somehow, this thing is evading the canonical defense techniques that the enterprises use, such as intrusion detection systems and intrusion prevention systems. It should be caught by IDSes, IPSes and firewalls and it’s not.”

Historically, Botnets were used to send spam, then malware, phishing, then bitcoin scams, but eventually the US intel agencies of course used it for intel gathering operations all over the world. There are rumors they even used it against their own people for anti-corruption actions.

Everyone’s compromised files, their most guarded secrets, conversations, emails, video, pictures, total control of their devices, & for how long has it been going on? Only they know.

A lot of Dirty Democrat, DNC, & SiliconValley operatives & American Politicians & Intel agency & even FBI agents are sweating when they heard those words. I can’t blame them. Everything will be out in the open. Those committing crime trying to hold the American elections hostage, they better let go now, or they won’t just be up against a year or two of elections & Voterfraud prison time, but they’ll soon be up against everything that they’ve ever done.

Corrupt officials, Corrupt police, Organized crime, who could possibly hide from such a Monster. Anyone who has committed even the slightest of improprieties on a pc or server, they’ve all been seen, they have all been recorded, you are part of the NSA’s collection grid & can be pulled up whenever they decide.

To Release The Kraken.

If the enemies of America want a civil war, they certainly are going to get one.

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